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Quality Oklahoma Hay Sales

We take great care and pride in producing quality hay to feed to our livestock.  We always produce more than we can use and pass on the extra to you.  Every bale is 4 x 5 to 5.5, weighs between 900 to 1000 lbs and is net wrapped to preserve quality.  Horse people and small farm owners love this size of hay because it is easier to move without heavy equipment.  It also fits nicely between the wheel wells of a half-ton pickup.

Clover Bermuda Meadows


Over 100 acres of Burmuda Clover pastures.  Clover has a similar protein content as alfalfa hay.  By mixing with Bermuda grass, this gives livestock a variety of hay with high protein content yet prevents them from getting too much at once.  Too much protein can cause hoof problems and founder.


This hay is harvested in the spring from the Late May - Early June time.  


Sold out!



Bermuda & Prairie Hay


Several options are available for native grass hay.  Some fields are kept organic, no fertilizer or chemical applications, others are manicured and kept free from noxious weeds.


Sprayed and fertilized Bermuda/Prairie Mix hay

$55 per bale


Prairie Hay is comprised of a mixture of Little bluestem, Big bluestem, Bromegrass, hairy Grama, Indian grass, jointed goosegrass, crabgrass.


Sold Out

Hay Delivery Services


Delivery is available within the Guthrie area with a minimum of 10 bale delivery for delivery costs per load,  
Price is negotiable in accordance with the distance from our Ranch.  Semi load is as much as 34 bales each load at approximately $6.00 per loaded mile.
Can deliver smaller amounts of bales on a per situation negotiated price.
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