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" I have always enjoyed teaching riders with various goal levels and abilities, as long as they

have a love
of horses and want to learn. I see myself always being a riding instructor, as long as I can walk out to an

arena. Not many people can say they have a job they love, but I can!"

"My daughter has been a student with Christina for over nine years.  From the beginning, I was impressed with Christina's insight and professionalism, so much so that I took lessons from her as well.


Christina seems to recognize right away where the rider needs work, doesn't criticize, but evaluates and adjusts the rider to help them gain balance and security in their riding skills.


Growth occurs right outside of your comfort zone. The word 'can't' is NOT in Christina's vocabulary. She is persistent in helping you overcome your obstacles and encourages you past your fear helping you become a stronger and more confident rider.


So many of her students and their horses are show champions. She draws out the best of everyone and everything in her world.  That shows in the success that seems to follow her everywhere.  

I am proud that she is a huge part of Shooting Star Horses and embrace her as a huge part of our family. "  


~Kathleen  "Kat" Treanor


" I have always had a special place in my heart for horses. Teaching gives me the ability to show others the endlessly enjoyable sport

of horse riding and everything it has to offer. 

I just love seeing students learn and grow from the special experiences that you can only get through the art of riding. "

"Kassidy has been riding and showing her horses since she was 7 years old under the careful tutelage of Christina Gelona Hendricks.   Now in college studying to be a veterinarian, she wants to share her love of horses by helping students find their equestrian joy. She wants to teach not just riding skills, but all aspects of horsemanship including grooming, tack, feeding, and care,  


Her love of horses has allowed her the opportunity to explore many of the various disciplines but for several years she has focused primarily on jumping.  However, one can often find her enjoying a leisure trail ride at many of the various horse trails throughout Oklahoma.   She has also been a stunt rider in a movie.  All of the horses she has shown were trained by her with the exception of her current horse "Kodakrome", an Irish sport horse that came from Canada purchased after the untimely death of her previous Thoroughbred.  Because of her varied experience, she can help you explore the equestrian world and help you find your equestrian bliss.

Kassidy loves to teach and has the ability to push you forward to help you reach your riding goals. Whether it be just to learn the basics of riding or to take your skills to the show ring, she can help you."

~Kathleen  "Kat" Treanor

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