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More Shooting Star Horses

Affermitif Brenda

aka "Obsidian"

Obsidian is very sweet!  We got her from a friend who wanted her to go someplace where she could live to be an amazing horse. She has done everything we asked of her without question. She is one of the sweetest mares you will ever meet. She is now in training to become a hunter jumper with the guidance of Christina Gelona Hendricks!


Bonny is a snowflake appaloosa. She is as sweet as it gets when it comes to children. She'll even smile for ya. Bonny needs someone to love her and ride her. She is a nice ride after she is worked.


She was trained to pull a cart but hasn't done it in a while she just needs someone to remind her.


Sasha is a new addition to the barn she is green broke. Sasha is going to be trained to be a jumper so far she is doing amazing. She is very smart and very beautiful. She is a grey thoroughbred and loves to be around her best friend Sham.


This is Nicholas he is one of our lesson horses. He can look like a drunk on the rail but that teaches the little ones how to direct their horse and keep him in line! 

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