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This is a great place to keep your horse.  Our facility is designed for the rider who likes to do a little of everything.  The arena is available to boarders unless being used by resident horse trainer during scheduled lesson times.   Our facilities feature video surveillance of all the barns and programmable door locks.   Stalls have rubber mats and closable windows for ventilation.  The boarder provides any special supplements or special feeds.

Stall board

Stall board includes the use of facilities. We offer 10 x 10 or 12 x 12  stalls.  Stalls will be cleaned daily with fresh bedding added at the barn managers' discretion.  Includes continual access to hay and water and feeding can be in accordance with the needs of the horse but one feeding of standard feed per day is included with the board.  More can be added to the cost of boarding is $600 monthly.

Pen Board

Outdoor pens are 12 X 16.  Continual access to water and two scheduled feeding of standard feed per day.  The stall is cleaned daily.  Cost of boarding is $450 monthly.

Pasture Board

Best Value.  Free access to 40+ acres of open pastures with resident horses.  Supplemental feed is managed and will coincide with resident ranch horses. The horse is allowed free access to grass pastures fresh running springs and unlimited turnout.  Board is $352 monthly

Additional Services

Meet farrier for trim or shoeing $15

Meet Vet for scheduled visits $15

Blanketing $15 monthly

Hauling $3.00 per mile

Trail riding $25 per hour unguided $40 per hour guided instruction. (Must have substantial riding experience)

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